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Claas/Klincke: Wire in a new dimension.

  • CHQ wire

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    FThis is used to manufacture connecting elements and cold-formed parts with exacting requirements for cold workability. These wires are distinguished by optimal conditions in the material structure, surface quality, geometry and mechanical properties.


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    For the production of rolling elements such as needle rollers, balls and various roller bodies. The ingot and strand cast material deployed for them is exclusively sourced from certified suppliers of precursor materials.

  • Heat-treatable spring steel wire

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    For the production of springs with special properties. Cr-, V- and Mo-alloyed variants. Execution with the highest degrees of spheroidization.

  • Tool steel wire

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    For the production of high-quality tools such as screwdriver blades, offset screwdrivers, drills, punching dies, chisels, knives or extrusion tools. Cr-, V- and Mo-alloyed variants with very good forming properties.

  • C-wire

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    Quality steel wires for the production of sophisticated products by bending, compression, rolling or embossing. C-ranges are available from 0.02 % to 0.95 % on an infinitely sliding scale.



A modern bell-type annealing plant with HICON/H2® annealing technology, fully automatic programme flow, 3 workbases, 2 heating bells, 1 cooling bell and a workbase output of up to 40 tons achieve spheroidization levels of up to 100 %. Automated annealing processes ensure reproducible structural properties. The latest hydrogen-high convection annealing technology with corresponding inert gas effect serves to virtually exclude the classic annealing flaws. The heat that is generated in the heat treatment and needs to be conducted away is used to operate the underfloor heating in the logistics centre at Hermann Klincke J. H. Sohn GmbH & Co. KG.